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Web Designing

To design the quality of Web Design is one of the important aspects of Digital Marketing. It is estimated that most of the professional web designers belong to the technical background. Most of the designers are working hard to improve the essential art of web designs. We are here to build easy to navigate as well as design attractive websites.

The website is the key to excel in business as it helps to grow and improves the performance of the company. Our expert team of designers meets the exact expectations of the customers. We offer services to customers on time and affordable prices.

Website Design becomes an asset to business:

  • Navigation
  • Content and Visual Elements
  • Brand Uniformity
  • Engagement
  • Organization & Search Engine Optimization

Our web design team has been creating custom websites. Our web designers are very much expert who follows the perfect industry practices wherein works firmly with the development team to deliver creative solutions. We have experienced team which deals with clients.

Web Designing includes the following factors are as follows:

  • Logo designing:

We are always ready to offer excellent services to the customers. We are always ready to create the perfect logo for customers. One can get the ideal logo which helps to enhance the website of the company.

  • PSD design:

PSD stands for Photoshop Document, which is a type of proprietary file type from Adobe. The Adobe’s Photoshop is the software which is used mainly used for web design.

  • Flyers:

Our company also offers excellent services for flyer Design which is very much useful from the business perspectives.

  • Facebook covers:

Facebook covers are very much essential to enhance the productivity of the company as it is the perfect way of the advertisement.

  • Banners:

Many companies design perfect banners, our company is known for designing perfect banners for the customers. Our team is well-experienced in Web-designing.

  • Business cards:

Business cards are also a perfect way to advertise the services, and our team is highly-knowledgeable in providing best services to the customers.

  • Brochure:

The brochure can also be used to increase the business by advertising through the brochures. Our team is always active to create brochures.

  • Branding:

Branding is always mattered for any business; we are here to provide the best services to the customers.

  • Label:

Our well-professional and qualified expert team helps to design the labels according to the demand of the customers.

  • Book-cover:

People can also use book covers for enhancing the level of the business up to a great extent. Our team offers the best services along with this also fulfills the expectations of the customers.

  • Icons :

We are also proficient in designing the Icons for the customers according to their demands.

A correctly designed website is an essential part of a modern marketing strategy. The well-web design helps to enhance the business up to a great extent. We are here to offer excellent web design services to customers.

Web Development

The term Web Development is very important according to the present business strategies. The great advantage of the Web development company is that the particular website of the company can be seen at any time and any part of the world. The website can be checked 24*7 hours. One can check the information regarding the services or information provided by any company at any time.

According to the present scenario, there is a lot of competition in the market. It is not easy to beat the companies, hence one have to develop a perfect website which helps to enhance your business level up to a great extent. The website plays major role in exploring the business world-wide.

The Web development is the field which pays a lot to the professionals as it is the necessity of every business man. There are ample of website are available on the web. One must hire the perfect web developer which can give you better results. We are popular for providing excellent services to our customers. Web development is the key to enhance the business up to higher level. The services which are included in the web development are as follows:

  • WordPress ; A simple site to flaunt your business is what WordPress can help you to create.
  • Static sites ; Static Sites have always remained on top as they are specific information oriented and can cater to the biggest of businesses. Generally, companies which are into manufacturing utilize this type of sites to make their business live.
  • PHP ; With over 57 frameworks, PHP is the most flexible coding language which one can use to create their website. From Shopping sites to animation, there is a framework for everything. The sites created on PHP are amongst the most easily ranked websites of all times.
  • Shopify and WooCommerce ; If you own a business which gives purchasing option to the customers then these two frameworks work ideal for you. These portals enable you to add shopping items into cart, install payment gateways and the layout along with the themes have always remained a hit between the enterprneurs.

We have well-professional team with lot of experience in the field of web designing. There are few things that one must consider for the web developments are as follows:

  1. Cost for the Web development i.e. whether it fits according to your pocket or not. We offer services at the reasonable price.
  2. It is essential that one must take proper time to learn about web development which is necessary.
  3. One must have proper tools as well as knowledge for the Web development. It is the most important factor to build a strong website.

App Development

App development: android play store apps only

The process of developing applications for the mobile devices such as gadgets andpersonal digital assistants. It is an act of creating mobile application using various platforms. The demand of mobile app development is increasing day by day which also creates various opportunities.

How do we help you to develop an Android Store App?

The basic driver of creating an application is the programming language. The other requirements are android software development kit, XML, SQL language, and, Knowledge. The version of creating android play store app must be version 8.0. The changes in version provides better security and enhance the overall experience of using android gadget. We have a team of experts who work closely with your business information and curate an app which is exactly loaded with features and services you cater to and can help them to sail towards growth.

The android apps requires the use of basic languages Java, Kotlin and C++ languages. The android codes are developed using android SDK tools. An archive file is created named as .apk suffix. This file contains all the data regarding the application. There is security sandbox provided in the Android application.

What Android features do we use as we create secure applications for your business?

It is a multi-user operating system in which apps are developed for different users. A unique Linux ID is assigned to each app developed using android play store.A user ID can be accessed by the various files of the developed application. In addition, there is a virtual machine for each application which operates separately from other apps. There is a separate Linux process for each app which is stored in the memory when app needs to be operational and process stops when it is terminated.

There are four components used for app development. These are named as activities, services, content providers and broadcast receivers. Users can interact with each other through the use of activities. Moreover, there is a cohesive experience of using multiple components at the same time. In addition, track an application of using the application comes under activity.

How can we help your business?

  1. The development of application provides access for new publications without any review process. A review is a lengthy process which hampers the application.
  2. An open platform is offered using android based applications. One can easily access the application using the android applications.
  3. This is cost effective. Some of the android based applications are free and easy to operate. One can simply download the application from the play store.
  4. Raw images can be saved using the application development.
  5. There is an easy access to the android application market.
  6. There is various applications available in android version used for Google cloud storage.
  7. It is customized and have native integration with the options of cloud storage.
  8. Android based apps are easy to use and it is an open source application.

Have a business which you want people to access on the go? Get an android app and start the journey to fame with us.

Social Media Management

In the Internet era, the wave of getting promotions done via using online connections has become a trend. It is the way  of dealing with your online connections and convert them as your customers over Social Media Handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Social Media Management companies help you by simply presenting updates on your organization’s web based profiles. It likewise incorporates connecting with you with the group of people interested to take your services and searching for new chances to build reach and perceivability. We at <Company’s name> understand that it is important to pick the right platform according to the business you are in, Thatswhy we deal with all social media handles so that there is nothing which can stop you to convert visitors into profitable leads.

Here’s a short outline of the diverse stages and what benefits they can give your business:

Facebook – Facebook has almost 2 million dynamic clients who originate from various industry and register themselves on this popular handle. This makes it an incredible social stage for organizations that are attempting to reach millions at once.

Instagram – Instagram is an extraordinary web-based social networking channel for brands that are into business related to photography , or visual graphics. Instagram’s group of onlookers will be the youth along with having  more female clients than male clients. This can be an incredible stage for organizations having business related to fashion, lifestyle accessories, Photography and Apparels.

Twitter – Twitter has 328 million dynamic clients worldwide and will in general be the place clients go for news and patterns. This stage is perfect for brands that need to join a discussion about various trends and believe in bringing up a new trend. It’s additionally an incredible spot to influence people about a viral trend which is interesting to adapt.50% of users who log-in to twitter convert into business.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is the internet based life stage for B2B brands that are focussed on organizations in various businesses. With LinkedIn, you can discover, connect, and share content with individuals dependent on the organization type, industry, or gauge into the designation a particular person serve and connect.

YouTube – YouTube has turned into the second biggest web index on the planet, second just to Google. You can transfer your video substance to this channel to help draw in and interface with your group of onlookers. With boundless video facilitating, your business can post as much video content as you need and offer through different channels.

Pinterest – Pinterest is another incredible channel for sharing photos. This has turned into an absolute necessity for buyers who are keen on selling DIY, home enhancement products, Food Products, Wellness Items, and are Start-ups in the same origin.

How we help you?

We at<VikasVatsa> can help you to bring real business by doing the following activities on all social media handles;

  1. Creating and Posting Profiles with a brief about your business
  2. Responding to Queries, Fans, and Followbacks
  3. Posting Engaging information, so that you always remain on Google’s first page.
  4. Creating Adposts to advert your strategy and products
  5. Throwing Contests, Events and Giveaways
  6. Build the backbone for your Brand Promotion
  7. Convert Visitors to Customers

Social Media Optimization (SEO)

Digital marketing is growing widely day by day, and people take the help of marketing their services. SEO is known as one of the major parts of digital marketing. People are today more attracted to digital marketing as it is known to be the most effective method of marketing. Digital marketing helps in improving the business of a person through online methods by marketing their websites as Ads and with the help of SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO is known for Search Engine Optimization and is referred to as the way to the reverse-engineer and tells how search engine usually works to rank in a higher order to Search Engine Result Page.

Importance of SEO

SEO is known as the most competitive and important in digital marketing advantage a person can have over his or her competition. The strong SEO of a person helps them to achieve free organic traffic otherwise a person needs to pay for ads.

There are many things which are included in the SEO of a person website such as:

Guests Posts: It is known as the practice in which a person contributes a post to the blog of a person website. This practice helps to build up the relationships, links, authority, and exposure between two persons. Links are known to be primary ranking factors in Google, as well as in SEO guest posts provides a strong opportunity which helps to secure a link from another website, in comparison to the other various marketing considerations.

Unique Backlinks: A “backlink” is a word that is used most of the time in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) world. A unique backlink is a term that is invented to refer the number of times the unique domains are linked to unique pages on a person website. For example, if wikipedia.com had one link to the homepage of a website and five links to a person article on SEO that are counted as the two “unique backlinks.”

White Hat SEO: In the terminology of the search engine optimization (SEO), white hat SEO usually refers to the usage of the strategies of optimization, techniques as well as tactics which usually focus on the human audience. This helps to oppose the search engines as well as helps to completely follow the rules and policies of the search engine.

Benefits of SEO

  • It Provides Better User Experience
  • It is known as Primary Source of Leads
  • It helps to bring Higher Close Rates
  • It helps to Provide Higher Conversion Rate
  • It helps to Promote Better Cost Management
  • It helps to build Brand Credibility
  • It helps to Establish Brand Awareness
  • It brings Mobile-Friendliness
  • It brings Long-Term Marketing Strategy
  • It helps to Gain the Market Share
  • It helps to Increase Social Media Followers
  • It improves Website Speed

Brand Designing and Strategy

What is the need for Brand Designing & Strategy?

Branding is all about promoting a business or a product in front of millions of population. Advertising through social media marketing has become one of the latest strategies. This is used to connect your business with the community. Targeting strategies are applied to aware customers about the functionality of your product or an organization.

Branding is a valuable technique which is used to define the critical aspects of your business to customers. It is a digital marketing technique which is used to increase the level of your business, i.e. from small scale to large scale. There are ample of tactics which can make your branding steps more effective and offer reliable solutions.

Nowadays every entrepreneur takes help of branding to quantify the value of their product, organization, and even services. It is like an identity of your business which contains ample of benefits.

A good domain name:

Branding is not possible without having a registered address. This website address is issued by a domain service provider. Thus this can be used as an address; through which your customers can reach up to your business. A good domain name plays a vital role in web designing; so it is important to focus certain steps while choosing a domain name:

  • It must be easy to pronounce or spell
  • It should be creative or catchy
  • Choose Short and prescribe domain name

Why is domain registration necessary for branding strategies?

  • Branding has become the latest technique in digital marketing. Nowadays it is quite clear that if your business is not on the internet, then there is no use of establishing a business.
  • With the help of a domain name you can register your business online; thus it can be used as an identity of your business.
  • With the help of domain professionals can establish the name of your company; thus it can become a symbol of your company.
  • For a domain name, an entrepreneur has to submit a fee. Thus these charges vary from company to company.
  • Branding on a website is possible by advertising or using the giveaway tactics; gifting a product with the company logo is a preferable technique.
  • By using a domain, one can give identity to their product as well as services.

Importance of Brand Designing & Strategy:

As from the above descriptions it is quite clear that branding is considered as the perfect solution for a better outcome. Some of the important facts of branding are explained below:

  • Through Branding your business can get Recognition
  • Having a business name on the topmost list of a search engine can increase your business values
  • This technique is quite helpful in attracting new customers
  • Create a trustworthy reputation in the market
  • The best way of advertising

Get a brand by acquiring Brand Strategy Services  for the business you have started with a dream and sail high amongst the competitors.

Content Writing

All you need to Know about Content Writing

Content writing is the type of digital marketing method that is used by the people for increasing the marketing product of the web sites. Thus, it is the best tool for digital marketing and to market the services of a company website and their products. Thus, some people are not aware much about it. There are many ways in which these content writing is used to write different blogs, articles etc.  thus to have proper knowledge. Here is the detailed overview which let you know about the content writing in detail

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is the strategy which is often used in Content Marketing Strategy. The content writing is the way to deliver the information in the form of blogs, articles, website content, and other promotional sites. This is the best way in which one can write about the things; which give all the information about that particular thing.

What are the things needed for having quality content?

Knowledge of different languages – To increase the quality of the content the most important thing is that you should know about the languages. So that when you are writing; you can use in your content to make it better. For having quality content, a person should use the good language with no mistakes.

Take care of the length – This is another thing one should take care of; The sentences should not be too lengthy.  And the sentences used should end in few words giving all idea about the thing in an effective way.

Analyze your content again and again – The other important thing is that your content should not; have any mistakes thus to avoid it; one should read the content for at least 2 to 3 times. So, that you can detect the mistakes and write your content effectively without any problem by editing it properly.

Know more about keywords used – In some contents you have to use the keywords, thus for their better placement; one should go with the research of keyword and get all the information about it. So that you can get the idea that how you can place the keyword in the best way.

It should be informative – The content you wrote should contain all the information in details, this should be informative.  For eg. When it comes to promotional contents, then you should give a detailed overview of the thing in a better way.

Use of new and innovative words – If one wants to make their content look good and of high quality; then the most important thing is the language you use in your content, the words you use. Using good words with innovative way is the best way to improve your content writing and make it of high quality.

Data Entry

Get expert Data Entry Services with VikasVatsa

In this fast paced data, it is a mandate to maintain the data in a proper format. Right from inputting the information on excels to uploading it for creating a google list, you need properly worked out records, hence it has become essential to hire services from a company into Data analysis and compilation.

If you are also looking for best data entry services than  ( VikasVatsa ) will be the perfect option as they provide you with the best data entry services.

What is Data Entry?

Data entry is the process of providing the information in an electronic medium, such as a computer.  This can be done either, manually  or automatically. Thus data entry is done to keep the records,  to classify the contents into different headings.

Services we cater in Data Entry arena;

We work on various aspects to provide you with the best data entry services. The aspects are as follows:

Data analysis –   The data entry is best where you can easily check your data and analyze it from time to time. Hence we make sure to format and sort the data as per your needs.

Adding the data into the excel – This is another thing we take care, that one can add anything any time in the data. You can add, delete the content.

Classification of the content – The data entry enables to classify the different data into the one sheet in the word or MS Excel.

Copy paste  – We work on the copy paste contents as in some cases like email id, phone address,  which need copy paste, so data entry helps in these cases. Moreover, there are also many copy paste jobs.

Benefits of data entry

Helps in increasing the skills – Data entry helps to improve your basic computer skills. Thus, this skills includes numerical and literacy skills and also your vocabulary

It gives accuracy – The data entry helps you to maintain your data in the best way as the data is well arranged in a consistency. Thus we provide you with the best data entry services.

Increases the security – If one opts for the data entry services, then it is beneficial for them as the data will remain safe and secure. No other person can open your data except the user. Thus, the data entry services we provide you full security.

 Increase the productivity of your company –   If any company or any office opt for this data entry,  then one can increase their company productivity automatically.  So we provide you with the best data entry services. Thus, the data entry organizations can process more transactions each day thereby improving productivity and increasing efficiency.

Data entry provides you with the better classification of the things – The data entry helps you to arrange all the items separately. When it comes to organizing the different data of the company, then these data entry will help you.

Please contact us if you have anything in mind.