choose best Web Hosting Plan in 2023
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How to choose best Web Hosting Plan in 2023

We all live in web world. Millions of web sites are live on web. For example,, etc. These websites are run on a server. We will discuss about server hosting later in this post. If you are planning to run a small or medium scale business website then you will need first a domain name and second a web hosting provider. If you are in hurry and can’t afford to read and compare different web hosting plans and just need a sure shot recommendation then we recommend you to go with A2Hosting.

Domain name is URL by which your website will be accessed. For example You can register your domain name from any of the web hosting company.

We all need a place where we can live and do our activities. Similarly a website need a space where it can run. Choosing a top rated web domain and web hosting is the major concern while you opt for online business. A domain name must be SEO friendly and your web host must have all the required component as per your requirement such as bandwidth, disk space, free email accounts etc.

How to compare web hosting services?

Comparison is must before choosing any web hosting service because performance of your website is 100% depend on your web host. Beyond performance there are other main factors also such as cost which affect you surely. Now, i am going to provide you some measurement of comparison of web hosting provided by the given web companies. Here is the list given below of the important components of web hosting.


Cost is the major concern while we purchase anything from toothbrush to expensive smartphone. We should compare the hosting plans of various top web hosting companies in terms of cost. Sometimes, some of the companies are offering some of the discounts and coupons etc then we can get the same hosting plan in low cost as compared to other. On our website, you can compare all the hosting plans offered by the various companies. Also, you can get the latest web hosting coupons here. Cost is not the only factor which matter in choosing web hosting but some of others as well.


When we access any website the first thing we notice that is accessibility speed. The factor of speed directly depends upon your web hosting service provider. You will always get the speed problem if you will sign up with the cheap web hosting company. But if you will opt top web hosting companies such as Eleven2, Bluehost and Dreamhost then we will assure that you will get optimal speed all of the time on your website. Find out best web hosting companies here and sign up hosting plans by clicking the button given next to it. This factor will decide the feedback of your visitors about your website experience. Hence, you should always choose a web hosting provider which can provide optimal speed. Here is our recommendations given.

Web Space:

Web space refer to the physical space where your data store on server. If you skip this component if you are planning to own a small level website such as 10-15 pages website but if you are opting for a website with huge data then you must be aware about this component. Some of the web hosting provider companies provide offer from 5GB – Unlimited plans. We recommend you to choose unlimited plan as top webhosting companies provide unlimited plans at very affordable price. Compare the various web hosting plans here in terms of web space.


Every page has a size such as 40kb, 100kb, 200kb etc. Page size depends upon content on the page. For example, if there are bulk of images/Graphics then it will increase page size. Higher the page size lower the page speed.

Tip: Videos must be embedded from 3rd party websites like youtube, vimeo etc instead of self hosted.

When a user visit you web page, server uses memory equal to the web page size. For example, if your web page size is 20kb and 10 visitors open this page once the total memory consumed is 20*10 = 200(kb). This is how calculation work. Now, come to the point, some of the web hosting plans limited to 10Gb, 20Gb or 100Gb per month but some of top web companies offer unlimited bandwidth. We recommend the unlimited web hosting plans in case if you have large traffic. See the unlimited bandwidth plan offer by GreenGreek(Recommended). You can also compare and choose plan as per your need. Remember, We suggest only top hosting plans. Click here to compare plans provided by top web hosting companies in terms of bandwidth.


There are several other factors which are crucial while choosing a web hosting company and web hosting plan. Such as email accounts, number of database associated, limit of sub domain, type of hosting, hosting location and support etc. These are several crucial factor of web hosting. We will discuss each point one after one:

Email Accounts:

I am sure about you are aware about email accounts and self-hosted email accounts. Several times you have been noticed that some of the web companies use gmail or yahoo mail services for their communication with clients or visitors but this thing looses the integrity of website. Now mostly websites use their own email account i.e. usually linked with their web hosting plan. For example, your website Domain Name is and your hosting plan consist up to 5 email address then you can make 5 email address that will be ended up with Such as, etc.

What number of email account you required, it depends upon your requirement. It can be from zero to unlimited. Compare the email accounts provided by top web companies here. We recommend web hosting plan with unlimited email accounts.

Limit of Databases

Every website’s content is stored at back end in table structure and group of tables form a database. Mostly each website has its own database if it is a dynamic website. If you are planing to run multi site website or website having wide functionality then it will be secured to go for hosting plan with unlimited databases. But on the other hand if you are going for single website then it will be enough to go for one database. Mostly cheap hosting plans offer atleast upto 5 databases.

Sub Domain

If you are technical person then you must be already know about sub-domain. But if you are not technical enough then you should be know first what sub domain is, skip this paragraph and continue reading from next paragraph if you are already aware of.

What is sub-domain?

Sub Domain is nothing but a directory placed at root of the file tree. In try to understand you in simple words: This is our URL of website ‘’ but we can generate number of sub-domains associated with our main domain name. It depends upon our web hosting plan. For example, we need to generate for a forum then we can easily do it and even on this sub-domain we can host completely a new website or redirected any existing page to this sub-domain.

Mostly web hosting companies allow 5-10 sub-domains and that is enough for small and medium scale website. But for large scale website it is better to go with unlimited sub-domains web hosting plan.

Check out our recommended web hosting plan here.


This is the very important factor of web hosting plan. Each web hosting company claim to provide 24*7 support but we can’t take a chance as changing web host again and again is not easy, time-consuming and affect SEO as well. We suggest you to choose any one from the recommend list of web hosting companies. Support should be 24*7 and should have all possible medium of communication. There reply time should be within 1-2 hours and should be able to fix every problem that is from their end. Most of the people think that they will not need support but it is 100% wrong. Sometimes thinks gonna wrong from their end and should be fixed by them as soon as possible. These things not happens everyday but sometimes due to any upgration or anything else.

Which Web Hosting is suitable for you?

As we are all different in terms of color, gender, nationality, caste, religion etc, so our requirements and interests are also different. If someone belongs to USA then he should be more willing to open a website related to Iphone and Technology. Similarly, Web Hosting are available in different forms and plans. We should choose and pick the best one which must incorporate with our needs. All of us having our different needs in terms of Web Hosting components such as bandwidth, speed, disk space, support etc. Today, we will try to introduce you with some of the web hosting types so that you can find the best one.

Shared Hosting

If you are a beginner and want to run a website then this is what you are required to make your website live. It is the cheapest form of web hosting. But at the same time, it is also very worth full and you should know more than 90% of websites/blogs run on shared hosting plans. Some of Shared Hosting plan even available with amazing features such as unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space and more…

Whom Shared Hosting is meant for?

  • Startups who want to start a online business as it is the best way to come into online industry
  • Peoples who are looking for cheap Web Hosting
  • If you have a portfolio/informative kind of website
  • If your website/blog having low and average traffic
  • If you are experimenting anything online by making your creation alive on web
  • If you want to earn money online by setup a business website for your clients

The major thing is most of the hosting providers allow you to update the shared hosting plan to VPS and more. So, it becomes easy if you feel in between that you should switch to upgraded hosting plan.

Reseller Hosting

If you are a developer and you have number of clients who insist you to manage their website on your own server. By this kind of web hosting, you will be able to resale further your web hosting space to others. It can be also proved as a best resource for earning money online. You can find the some of the best Reseller Hosting plans here.

Virtual Private Server(VPS)

I think you remember that I told about upgrading your shared web hosting plan to further web hosting in case of getting more traffic, now this is what I was talking about VPS or known as Virtual Private Server. It is the first choice for people who are having large traffic on their blogs and websites. You will be allowed to manage your own server as per your need. You should know one thing about VPS is that you should have knowledge of server management. Otherwise, you can hire a web developer for such server management tasks.

Conclusion: VPS is best for large traffic websites.

Dedicated Server

It is the ultimate way to make your website live once your website is having very large traffic and having large content for store on server. Similarly, you should have server management knowledge to handle the server. There are any dedicated web hosting server plans available but you should first compare and choose the best web hosting plan. On Dedicated Server, you are allowed to manage your server with full privileges that you can’t expect in VPS. Find the best dedicated server hosting plans here.

WordPress Hosting

Now, many of web hosting providers offer WordPress hosting in order to run WordPress Website. If you are not aware about WordPress then please visit here. WordPress is a CMS which not only allow you to create and design website easily but offer number of themes and plugins for free of cost. It has great WordPress support community available on web for WordPress.

If you are looking for WordPress Hosting, then WPEngine is the best choice for it. There are also some of best hosting providers which provide WordPress Hosting with great service. WordPress Hosting is a kind of shared Hosting which run on a shared server but with the better and optimized resources which are useful for WordPress in terms of performance and security. This kind of WordPress Hosting is known as Managed WordPress Hosting. Feel free to see and compare Managed WordPress Hosting plans.

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